Green Covermat Grand Opening“Eco-Friendly Alternative Materials” from Limestone (LIMEX)at “BANGKOK AD & SIGN EXPO 2022”

Covermat Company Limited; one of the market leader in the distribution of industrial supplies; announces officially “Green Covermat”, new business unit specializing in eco-friendly innovations products launched at Ad & Sign Exhibition 2022 .

A brand-new innovation sku called “Green Covermat sheets”; made from “LIMEX Sheets; was first time launched in the exhibition and received much attention with their newest and greatest innovations in replacing paper, including “Green Covermat Pellet” made from “LIMEX Pellet” which could reduce plastic usage by as much as 50-80%.
Moreover Green Covermat sheets and Pellets could help reducing production cost in manufacturing process, also can compatible with current machines, with the hope of making businesses to be more environmentally friendly and social responsible in sustainable development and BCG Economy in near future.

Mr. Nattawoot Leadrutdachakul Founder and Covermat Co., Ltd. Chairman said, “Thailand’s manufacturer factor is continually growing, more paper and plastic are being used, which caused to emissions of carbon dioxide into atmosphere. This includes activities such as deforestation and the increasing water usage for industrial purposes.

Covermat has realized the importance of environmental protection as a corporate social obligation is one of our visions. As a result, Covermat is on the lookout for an alternative to plastic and paper that can serve the same functions with a similar cost.

Green Covermat, the company’s newest business unit, was just introduced and to contribute to driving Thailand with the BCG (Bio-Circular-Green) economic model which, Thai government and businesses are actively promoting and supporting this new economic model. As a result of this release, new doors have opened for sales and business opportunities to the clients to their new potential and returns benefit back to the society in the long run (Sustainability) and become parts of the green products business of the future together”

Green Covermat, a revolutionary material that employs limestone as its primary raw material, is part of an innovative movement to rescue the planet. TBM (TBM) is a Japanese unicorn startup known for inventing and developing the technology. The material can be used in place of plastics and paper. It can lessen the amount of plastic used by 50–80%, the amount of water used in production by up to 98%, the need to cut down trees by 100%, and most crucially, the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere (Carbon Emission), which is a major contributor to the greenhouse effect.

Green Covermat’s eco-friendly materials can be use in a wide range from end user product such as grocery/shopping bags, trash bags, cup, toys, food container and cosmetics cream jars etc. to Industry and media products such as Backlit Film replacing plastic backlit film. And others paper products such as packaging, business cards, menus, food wrapping paper, door hanger, key card holder, replacing paper which made from trees.

Recently at BANGKOK AD & SIGN EXPO 2022, the largest sign and advertising production innovation trade event of the year. Green Covermat was a featured exhibitor at a showcase for eco-friendly innovations in manufacturing. Including backlit film, media printing (including light signs), packaging, Green Covermat Sheets, A4 size, name card, Bib (Bib) or runner identification number sheets at Bangsaen 42, eco-friendly shopping bags crafted by our Thai business partners, Tokyo Marathon (Tokyo Marathon 2020) mugs, etc.

Especially with this year’s BANGKOK AD & SIGN EXPO, Green Covermat has partnered with Grand Master; the event’s organizer; to promote the reduction of plastic usage, by sponsoring the neck badges for all exhibition made by LIMEX Sheet to promote and be a part of mitigating climate change (Global Warming)

Green Covermat Alternative Materials more information is available at and for business owners and those with an interest in our products.

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